domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

Digital Hardcore

L'Accessoires is celebrating their 1st Year Anniversary and as a special every designer has put one item out for a limited number to get. For the August/September Round of the Accessory-Showroom 22769 brought The Engineer in - goggles to wear either on the forehead, around the neck or on your nose.

Googles - 22769   L'Accessoires "The Engineer"

Horns - Nana Horns Black Grey

Hair - *Dura-Boys&Girls*39(Black) 

Make Up Eyes - Corvus Evil Eye Makeup

Eyes - Clemm Snicket Glass Eyes

Mask - Cobrahive - Escaping Lecter


Jacket - [Pumpkin]Mesh series.Hooded jacket.BLACK

Belt - *BLITZED* Plugged Belt

Pants - AMERIE - Mesh Skinny pants_Black

L'Accessoires is celebrating their 1st Year Anniversary, The Engineer in - Goggles.

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