sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

The Garden Area 51

The Liaison Collaborative - The Garden "Area 51" Area 51 brings you: Rockets and UFOs and Aliens and Meteors and Robots - so everything you need for bringing out your inner geek. In the package you will find some rocketchairs, the x-tra fluffy meteor rug, the captains ufo chair, some robot wall art, rocket lamps and the friendly alien sitting bag.

22769  [bauwerk] Rocket floor Lamp Black

22769  [bauwerk] Rocket floor Lamp Red

22769  [bauwerk] Rocket chair Flames

22769  [bauwerk] Captain  chair Black

22769  [bauwerk] Captain  chair Blue

22769  [bauwerk] Friendly alien Yellow

22769  [bauwerk] Friendly alien Blue

22769  [bauwerk] We Are The Robots Yellow/Red

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Meteor Rug

Computer Station & T.V dont belong to the set.

The Liaison Collaborative - The Garden "Area 51" TAXI:

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