sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

Number 13

*Reckless* mesh tattoo gives you the option to wear, 1 arm only, or two. Plus your able to make combos by wearing different tattoos on both arms plus the chest add. It looks amazing, check it out. Taxi on description^^

From left to right:

Mesh Sleeve (Right Arm) - *Reckless* A Pirates Life

Chest Tattoo -  *Reckless* Loose Lips Sink Ships prt1&2

Mesh Sleeve (Left Arm) - *Reckless* Banned In London

Mesh Sleeve(Left Arm2) - Reckless A Sailors Grave

Pants - Cestar " Calca HD "  White

Sneakers - ..::Energie::.. Sprint Sneakers Anniversary Gift

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