sexta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2013

Nothing To Proof

Hello guys... au! One more stunning entry, always fashionably late, in the house Casual Couture, just dial 22769 ((22769 - Casual Couture))thats it ^^nothing to proof , quality talks for it self, just jump there and get it. Available also at Men dept event. All urls on description. 22769  [homme] beach capris and beach tee fatpack. Here combo, Teal and Black. Also on green, if you visit store. Plus, Men Dept event.

Hair - [INK] Hair___SEYA ::Coal

Shirt - 22769  [homme] Beach Tee Teal

Shorts 22769  [homme] Urban Beach Capris Black

Skin - -Belleza- Jacob Medium BBB 1

Beard - Unorthodox Full beard 

Sneakers - [ JP]:dsg. Sneaker Varial-LOW v2  / Multicolor / *MESH / 


Get it also on:
Mens Dept: Beach Tee in three different colors and also the Urban Beach Capris in three different colors.

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